Monday, October 19, 2015

Harrogate History Festival 2015

Are you going? If you love to read, as well as write historical fiction, you most definitely should.

Next week's festival will be its third year (and I've been the the first and second.) Here's my post from 2014. Like all new events, it gets better and better. I mean just look what this year's has to offer.

I always treat myself and buy a rover ticket for the whole event. However, you can buy individual tickets or a one day ticket. You're spoiled for choice. As you know, I don't get out much and when I do it's to accompany Jon, mainly to include a triathlon event, or sometimes just to chill out. This year we've been in Aberdeenshire, Perthshire ans the Borders. We have also popped over to our favourite Barnard Castle and the Tees Valley (such an underrated area and such a wonderful museum.)

The  Bowes Museum - Barnard Castle

 Then down to Weymouth, and had trips to friends and family here, there and everywhere: Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and County Durham. We've been to Hadrian's Wall. We didn't manage tofit in Wales or East Anglia this year but next year; who knows?)

So therefore, these four days are 'My Time.' It's not often I can immerse myself exclusively in writing fiction and history. The writers I'm looking forward to see the most are: Neil Oliver and Lord Bragg. That isn't to say,

 I also hope to meet some of my favourite historical novelists. Last year, I bumped into lovely Elizabeth Chadwick and drank tea with her. Also I have met Emily Darwin at both previous events. This year, I've booked up to her workshop with fellow Sally O'Reilly on the Thursday afternoon. This is a new addition and reminds me of the annual Crime Festival's 'Creative Thursday'. The reason I love the History Festival is that, as much as the crime Festival is much, much larger and crowded, the History event is much less frenetic for an old thing like me, and dare I say it, far less boozy.Yes, wine flows but you never fight of attention at the bar!

So, I'll be there and I'll look like a right lemon if you don't come over and say hello. See you on Thursday!


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